TOP TEN TUESDAY | Top 10 Blogging Confessions

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by the amazing Jamie over at The Broke and the Bookish! This week, I talk about my top ten blogging confessions. After all, every blogger has some dirty little secrets.

Top Ten Blogging Confessions

1. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with content. I have a notebook where I list blog post ideas, but sometimes when I finally get around to them, I’m not so enthusiastic anymore. So then I’m lacking content for a few days, and scrambling to think of something that’s quality. THE WORST.
2. Sometimes books are so boring there is nothing to say. Other than the fact you were deathly bored and had to put it down. I hate that feeling! Makes me feel unprofessional.
3. My TBR pile stresses me out, so I reorganize and reorganize and reorganize. I eventually get to them all, but it always seems so never-ending. Cue bookish panic attacks.
4. It takes everything in me to avoid putting GIFs everywhere. BUT THEY’RE ALL JUST SO FUNNY.
5. I don’t have a lot of time for blogging, and it makes me ridiculously sad. I feel like a terrible blogger because I schedule it around so many other real life things, like work, friends, my relationship. I SWEAR I LOVE DOING IT.
6. I’ve grown to dislike really long reviews. I’ll read them occasionally, but I prefer short, concise reviews that get right to the point. 
7. While I love YA, it’s not my favorite genre. This kind of makes me feel lonely.
8. Whenever romance is the main plot of a story, I probably don’t want to read it. I’m just not very romantic, I suppose.
9. I’m not really a book snob when it comes to other people – read what you like, as long as you read. As much as I hate Twilight, it has lead young girls who wouldn’t ordinarily be reading into the bookish light.
10. I actually jump around with joy every time I get a galley or finished copy in the mail. SQUEE.

Do any of you feel the same way? Or not at all? (Also, please link to your confessions! I can't wait to read yours.)