Thursday, August 21, 2014


I just moved back to my delightful home borough of Brooklyn, but boy was that hell. The supreme tragedy of being a book blogger / publishing employee moving house?

BOXES UPON BOXES OF BOOKS. I swear to God, my entire living room is made up of boxes. So of course, the first thing my guy and I do is run out for bookshelves, fearing the worst: furniture made up of our boxes of books.

Only problem is, our walls are made of plaster, and if we don’t anchor the bookshelves…we will probably be crushed under the weight of our reading obsession. But unfortunately, we can’t drill through our walls. Sigh.

You might be wondering if this is when we both had a wake-up call about being book hoarders? Nope. We bought more books. 

Anyway, that’s why things have been slow here at Off the Book. Still reading, still squeeing, still throwing books against the (now plaster) wall – just no Internet access to blog with until next week.

Stick with me, friends. There are some great reviews coming.